Hidayath Group

Imran Hidayath

Imran Hidayath

CEO & Managing Director

As the Chief Executive Officer of Hidayath Group, Imran Hidayath leads the strategic development of the group, today a global enterprise in stainless steel and allied metals with its footprint across fifteen countries.
A Mechanical Engineering, Business Management, and Certified Stainless Steel Specialist graduate he has played an instrumental role in the group’s emergence over the last two decades as the complete solution provider in stainless steel and allied metals. From a Trading and processing company in 2001 to become the most advanced and the fastest growing establishment in the country is an attribute to the vision and the underlined objective of the executive leadership spearheaded by Imran.
Mr. Imran’s joined the business and has skillfully followed the vision and guidelines of the founding Chairman of the Group – Mr. Hidayathullah Abbas in steering the advancement of the group across all emerging markets. His entrepreneurial and management skills have catalyzed many evolutionary changes in the infrastructure, division expansions and product diversification.

Rehan Hidayath

COO & Executive Director

Rehan joined the family business in 2010 with the vision of taking Hidayath Group beyond Architectural Steel Manufacturing and Trading. A Mechanical Engineering and Business Management graduate from the United States, he commonly thinks out of the box. With his proactive approach and positive thinking, the group ventured into industrial metal fabrication and handles the Hidayath in just over a decade and has emerged as one of the most accomplished industrial metal fabrication companies in the Middle East.  Hidayath Heavy Industry has delivered some of the most complex projects to date from design to manufacture.
With clients ranging between upstream, midstream and downstream industries Hidayath Heavy Industry has delivered some of the most complex projects to date, be it in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, storage tanks, skid packages, pipeline spools, air filtration system or structural fabrication.
Like Imran and Farhan, Rehan has inherited all the leadership skills and acumen from Mr. Hidayathullah Abbas in addition to having his own positive attitude to see opportunities in every challenge.
Rehan Hidayath

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