Hidayath Group

Hidayathullah Abbas

Founder & Chairman Hidayath Group

Hidayathulla Abbas began his humble voyage in 1970’s. He transitioned from trading in hardware to stainless steel material supplies and gradually gained sustainable momentum in becoming the market leader in trading, processing, project supplies, manufacturing and services of architectural and industrial products and solutions in stainless steel and allied metals.

Under his leadership as the founding Chairman of HIDAYATH GROUP, the group went from strength to strength and in just four decades it became one of the most recognized companies in the stainless steel industry globally.  The pragmatic and organic growth of the group is an attribute to his vision, leadership, hard work, commitment, risk-taking appetite and dedication. His focus and understanding always align and complies with his underlined group objectives, with his continuous technological advancement, strategic acquisition and well-planned forays into new markets, concrete inroads are always made into the Architectural and Industrial sectors.

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