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Tube/ Pipe Laser Cutting

This machine will facilitate services for below stated metals & dimensions;

Type of Metals:
Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; Aluminium

Round Tube, Square Tube and Rectangular Tube


Size of Round Tube:

Min. OD Size:
Ø 20 mm
Max OD Size:
Ø 230 mm
Circumscribed circle diameter <= 230mm

Size of Square Tube:

Min. Size:
20 x 20 mm
Max. Size:
160 x 160 mm

Size of Rectangular Tube:

170mm ≥ Rectangular tube side length ≥ 20mm Circumscribed circle diameter ≤ 230 mm
Maximum length:
6.3 meters
Maximum Tube weight:
100 kgs
Positioning accuracy
0.05 mm
Repositioning accuracy
0.03 mm


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