Stainless Steel Hinge

Stainless Steel AISI as per ASTM A167

Surface treatment: Brushed/Satin, Polished/Mirror, PVD coated

Stainless Steel: 304 or 316

Mounted: Wall to Glass

Type: Reversible Hinge Pin

Closing Type: Sel-Centering when within 25 deg of closed position

Spring: Springs are hardened stainless steel coil springs.

Application: Hinge pin is reversible which allows it to be set at 0 degrees or 5 degrees. The 5 degree setting holds the door against a stop.

Product Description:


  • Stainless steel Glass to Glass Hinge
  • Stainless steel reversible hinge pin.
  • Firm Fixing
  • High quality
  • Opens 90 degrees outward and 90 degrees inward.
    – Comes complete with gaskets, screws, allen wrench.
  • Fashion design and complete product line
    • Competitive price and easy to install
    • Designed to fit most commonly used glass hinge cutouts
    • Design Compatibility: Suitable for Shower Enclosures, Wet Rooms, Bath Screens, Glass Doors and internal Balustrade Gates.


    Al Hashmi Metal provides products considering the Glass division as a building material. This has led to the design of Glass Hinges requiring only simple cut-outs or holes in the glass. Carefully considered and positive measures have been taken to create the maximum clamping surface with optimum clamping efficiency. Quality materials and thorough workmanship mean that Al Hashimi’s Products have the features necessary to meet the most demanding of specifications. Many satisfied customers will testify this.


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