August 1, 2015
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Hidayath Group has pioneered PVD coating in UAE by setting up the First Titanium Coating facility in 2007 in the Emirates and since then have aesthetically created many Architectural stainless steel finishes in sheet application, says Farhan Hidayath, Director – Operations. The Group offers a wide array of Finishes thus enhancing the durability, look and feel of stainless steel sheet application. 

According to Farhan, In addition to the widely supplied finishes to the industry like Bead Pattern, Brush, Etch Pattern, Hairline, Mirror, Marble Design, Perforation, PVD and Vibration, we have started offering a new finish called EMBOSS in Leather, Linen and 5WL as of now.

This process utilizes heavy duty patterned rolls through which sheets are passed and imprinted with the same design as the rolls. It is advisable to keep the thickness as low as possible in order to achieve maximum depth of pattern on the sheets. Embossed sheets tend to show an increase in strength and is anti vandal. The finish is available in sheets with maximum width of 1250mm and maximum thickness of 1.2mm.